Why Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Carpets get dirty. It’s not a reflection on you, but it’s more an inevitability than anything else. Children, accidents, certainly our pets… all conspire to stress carpet fibers to the max.
But because we know how beautiful carpets can look in the right setting, we go out of our way to pick matching colors rather than those that would show the least amount of dirt and staining. Given this inevitability, even relatively new carpets begin to show that lack of luster early on. It’s impossible to get rid of your kids, and stressful as well to consider getting rid of your pets!

Since that’s not an option for most, many of us try to do extra vacuuming or maybe go rent a steam cleaner once every year or two. We understand that the grime trapped inside the pile of a carpet can lead to mold, or other harmful bacteria, but most of the effective home remedies for neutralizing germs are also capable of ruining the look of your carpet. And even a good residential grade vacuum can’t come close to removing the accumulation of dust and dirt that buries itself within your carpet. And the thicker, more expensive carpets are even more tightly woven, accumulating even more debris that can go bad over time.

So we can all agree that keeping our carpets clean and healthy for the long haul is a difficult chore. It’s not that you’re lazy, as much as it is that we really don’t have the time or materials to do it like the pros. Therefore, you’ll hear many people recommend that carpet cleaning in Washington DC should always be tackled by professionals. Find someone with a lot of experience in the business, and pay them to do the job properly!

The value of deep cleaning

Because of the factors we spoke about above, deep cleaning will always be your best bet when it comes to carpets. A professional using this technique can get down into the very lowest levels of your carpets fiber, extracting all the dirt, dust and grime that have accumulated. This results in a longer-lasting clean, and one that can preserve the life of your carpets dramatically. And with the cost of carpet ever increasing, anything that helps with durability is welcome.

The other great thing about real deep cleaning is that it can remove even the chemicals used in the process, clearing the residue so that no stickiness remains to begin the process of accumulating dust and dirt over again. Most home remedies for carpet cleaning don’t take this into account, and so it’s not very long before carpets begin to look filthy again. Using a really solid and professional cleaning solution formula is both safe for your carpets and your family. You don’t want the types of chemicals in your house that are known to cause issues with human or pet allergies. In extreme cases these can be fatal, but even when not extreme, they can cause lots of discomfort for your loved ones.

Why choose a professional carpet cleaning service?

Trained technicians usually come with years of specialized experience. They’ve tackled everything from the most difficult wine stains, to smelly and damaging cat urine odors. These are not things that come out easily!.
No, you need very powerful extraction to remove these problems from carpet fiber. And that’s where professional machines differ from what we typically use in the home. Paired with high quality cleaning solution, you’ll notice a big difference in the final result. And when the professional leaves, you not only have a beautiful home again, but you have a healthier and happier family to boot.

Don’t go as low budget fly-by-night carpet cleaners, and resist the temptation to save money by buying a semi commercial steam cleaning unit not to mention renting one from the local grocery store. They typically come with harsh, even damaging chemicals that wear down the natural protection built into your carpet. Your carpet might look temporarily clean, but if these chemicals strip away its natural stain resistance, pretty soon you’ll be fighting a losing battle when ever anything hits the floor!

And remember that people in your family with respiratory issues like asthma are always going to feel better when natural cleaning materials are used. Most manufactured cleaning solutions don’t consider the health factor. Do your research, and find someone who uses environmentally friendly cleaning methods backed by a professional guarantee. You will be so happy you took the time and spent the money over the long haul.